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H3Creative Inc. offers a multi-disciplinary team of design, production and development resources that are committed to delivering quality, reliability and an outstanding customer experience. The result is peace of mind that your project’s objectives, schedule and budget are respected.

We know Government

As a qualified NMSO supplier, we’ve been working with the Federal Government for 46+ years. Our experience is extensive, and has afforded us a continued role as a go-to resource for the public sector. With the capacity to consistently produce high-caliber creative communications, combined with an understanding of working through the complexities of multiple stakeholders, we have earned the reputation of a reliable and proven partner.

Multilingual Capacity

We have the capacity to produce work in several languages including English, French, Spanish. German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Inuktitut and several other Northern Aboriginal languages.

Did you Know?

Our founder, Bob Herrera, played a key role with the implementation of the Federal Identity Program (FIP) in addition to developing standards for the use of other governmental symbols such as the Canadian Coat of Arms, Canada wordmark, and Provincial crests.

He also lead the creative development of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms when contracted by the Unity Office in 1988.


– Reports, manuals, RPP’s / DPR’s

Program Identities
– Graphic systems (look and feel),
collateral, stationary, e-templates

Interactive Presentations
– PDF, PPT, Keynote (iPad)

External and Internal communications
– Posters, awareness, brochures

Trade show and conference materials
– Banners, flyers, pamphlets, lanyards

Web and application design and programming

Accessible PDF conversions (WCAG 2.0)

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NMSO# EN578-171581/021/CX
For Graphic Design and Web Design Services