Where art meets craft.

Despite the Information overload people face today, the fundamentals of delivering a message from the eye to the brain have not changed. It’s still about clarity, comprehension and relevance.

You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.

46 years in business is a testament to our commitment and passion for quality creative. This has been achieved through continuous growth and improvement, exacting policies and procedures, and the ability to foster long-lasting relationships with our clients. Solutions based on solid, verifiable experience.
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Don’t ask “How creative are you?”, but rather

“How are you creative?”

More important than what we do, is how we do it. Equal parts art and logic, our best-practices approach includes information design, memory retention, human behaviour, eye flow and colour psychology. This human-centered approach fuels creative that resonates more deeply with your audience – ultimately making a connection that drives engagement and growth.
Simply put, we’re not afraid to sweat for a solution that’s sweet.

Creativity is Intelligence having fun!

As with most service-oriented organizations, our ability to deliver exemplary results for our clients is almost wholly based on the ability of our team to work together and build off of each other’s strengths.
Each member of our team is also personable and easy to work with, attributes that are sometimes undervalued but become increasingly important throughout the duration of any service agreement.

Quality is not act. It is a habit.

The cornerstone of our longevity and the added value we proudly offer our clients is quality. With today’s demanding timelines and increasing competition it is essential to be able to deliver quality services and work, the first time round. At H3Creative we hold ourselves accountable and responsible for the delivery of quality service and performance. We guarantee this service standard with a standardized quality control process, that touches every phase of the project cycle. Our clients rely on expert guidance and the ability to responsibly deliver on our commitments.

As a family run business our commitment is to family, and we consider the people we work with as family.

H3Creative’s core values:

Commitment to our clients

Keeping clients happy is our priority. We are committed to maintaining these relationships with attentive, honest and friendly client service.

Ethics and honesty

We strive to work with clients to achieve their goals by providing professional advice in getting what will work, and highly value ethics in all business practices.


We place importance on adaptability, and are open-minded, highly agile and flexible to change at many levels. We’re always looking for opportunities to explore new ideas, and try different approaches and projects.

Commitment to our team

We are committed to our team and in creating a great working atmosphere for them, and know that a positive environment promotes a motivated and productive team. We believe in work/life balance, and support our team not only professionally, but personally as well.

Profitability and growth

As an agency we focus on profitability. Decisions are based on maximizing efficiencies, client experiences, and growing new business.

Excellence and quality

At our core is excellence. We focus on achieving excellence through our quality of work and customer service above all else. We believe this promotes customer loyalty, strengthens relationships, and is paramount to our longevity.

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